Beginner Editing Mentoring with Sandi Harkness

of Sandi Harkness - Photographer

Struggling with bringing your image to life? Join Sandi Harkness, of Sandi Harkness - Photographer, and learn how she transforms her images into creative master pieces. Whether you need starting suggestions or more advanced tips, Sandi will help bring your vision to reality.

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Sandi Harkness
Sandi Harkness

Sandi Harkness, of Sandi Harkness Photography, is a hobbyist photographer living in Olympia, WA where she enjoys exploring nature, thrift store shopping and drinking coffee when she’s not photographing her children. She completed a 365 project in 2016 and plans to continue shooting daily in 2017. Sandi’s style is rich, vibrant and she loves to include pops of color in her work. Her favorite thing to photograph is the interaction she sees between her two children. Recently Sandi joined Offset as a contributing artist.

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  Advanced Editing Mentoring with Sandi Harkness
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